All boxing gym users must sign a waiver form prior to using the facility. There are NO exceptions to this rule. This includes boxers, ASP participants, other sport association users, CIBA staff, CIBA volunteers and even one time visitors. All coaches must enforce this rule strictly.

Boxing gym users (“Users”) pay a membership fee (“Membership Fee”) of $40 per month. This fee feeds directly back into CIBA’s charitable objectives and funds the national sports association activities such as youth development, behavioural intervention programmes, travel, training camps and equipment. The only exceptions to the Membership Fee are persons falling into the below categories (“Exempted Users”):

  • A national team athlete or former national athlete granted a waiver
  • A youth programme or specialist intervention programming exception
  • A registered CIBA official or volunteer
  • A user from another national sports association granted a formal use arrangement by CIBA
  • Emergency Service employees with a formal arrangement permitting a reduced rate Membership Fee
  • Persons attending with a CIBA registered personal trainer where the trainer has an arrangement with CIBA to pay a group fee on behalf of their members

Payment of the monthly user fee permits the User to attend any of the CIBA scheduled classes only. For the avoidance of doubt these are currently:

Weekdays: 6am, 12pm, 5.30pm

Saturdays: 8am

We are not a commercial gym and for reasons of safety, security and access control there are to be no Users attending the gym outside of class times to use gym equipment without the supervision of a CIBA coach or as part of a CIBA class. This includes use of weights or weight room.

Exempted Users may be permitted to attend outside of normal scheduled class times per their particular arrangements with CIBA. For example, as supervised by another permitted Sports Association, as part of a personal training sessions.

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